Your Guide to the Best Summer Getaways

When it comes to beaches, in Australia we’re undoubtedly spoilt, from established sandy A-listers on the annual “Best Beaches” circuit, to well-kept local secrets.


Long lasting tan: Is it possible?

It is a common secret that summer is measured in: days you spent at the beach, how many ice creams you ate and ... how deep is your tan.


Protect your skin from photoaging

Our skin is one of the most spectacular organs of our body. It helps us understand the world around us, we feel the temperature with it and it also protects us from external harmful factors.


After Sun

All summer long, you try to get that bronze tan you were so dreaming about and you are willing to do everything you have to in order to maintain it.


Sun protection for the kids!

Who does not love the sun and his warmth! The sun is necessary for our lives, as he activates vit-amin D, which is essential for the absorption of calcium in our body. Sun has a catalytic effect [...]


Enjoy the sun safely

Who doesn’t love carefree family moments by the sea! Under the sun, everything seems almost perfect and definitely more enjoyable. The sea is inviting you to enjoy its freshness and you can’t [...]

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