“If I got myself sunburnt, I was in trouble!” Carroten Ambassador Lauren Phillips on how her mum influenced her suncare

It’s the Aussie rite of passage to spend weekends basking in the sun at the beach, family in tow, picnic basket in hand.


So our Carroten Ambassador, Lauren Phillips, shares with us how the influential women in her life have shaped the way she approaches suncare (after some early self-inflicted mistakes!) and what her one “non-negotiable” is.


Did your mum/family instil a good skincare/sun protection regime on you when you were younger?

My parents were always on me about sunscreen when I was a kid so it’s been etched into my brain. I have really olive skin so I don’t burn very easily but back when I was a silly-know-it-all-teenager I thought that I might be able to beat the sun and not use sunscreen; that never ended well! My grandmother grew up in Perth, so she had drilled the importance of sun protection into my mum and aunty their whole lives and they were always reminding us how important it was to be sun smart. If I got myself sunburnt, I was in big trouble!


What is your daily skin/suncare routine?

I try and keep it fairly simple which seems to work best for my skin. Every morning I use a great cleanser, I use a Vitamin B serum and a really simple fragrance-free moisturiser. Before I apply my makeup, if I’m going to be out and about I always apply Carroten Anti-Ageing Suncare face cream 50+ to protect my skin. In the evening I do the same but add in an eye cream.


If you had to pick one, what daily skincare item is non-negotiable for you? 

During summer, sunscreen is absolutely not negotiable on my face and body. Eye cream at night-time is also a must-do before I jump into bed.


What is important to you when looking for suncare products? 

I always look for products that have been dermatologically tested. Testing on animals gets an absolute no for me and I avoid products with palm oil.


What’s the one piece of advice you could give your younger self about skincare/sun protection? 

Slip, slop, slap! And listen to your mum and grandma banging on about sun protection – they are right!


Which Carroten suncare product is your favourite?

The Carroten Anti-Ageing Suncare face cream 50+ is my favourite and the Sensicare Suncare Milk Spray 50+ is always in my beach bag. The Aquavelvet After Sun Moisturising Sorbet Lotion too as it melts into your skin and smells like a delicious tropical holiday.


What made you excited to work with Carroten?

Summer is absolutely my favourite time of year and using a great sunscreen has always been an important part of my summer. I was first introduced to Carroten when I was holidaying in Europe with my girlfriends but you couldn’t get it in Australia – so I was thrilled to hear Carroten was launching in Australia and even more excited when I was asked to be a part of the brand launch.


Bikini or one piece?

One piece, of course!