Know your Skin – Get That Skin Check

Your skin is essential to your wellbeing and it’s important to look after it. Carroten shares how to keep an eye on any changes to spots.

It sounds strange, but your skin is actually the largest organ of your body. Covering so much surface area and protecting you from the elements, your skin is exposed to harsh every day elements that can affect its health and appearance.

There are three important things you can do to keep your skin healthy –use a high SPF Carroten sunscreen to protect it from UV rays, use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, and monitor your skin to keep on top of any changes.

Here’s how to check your skin so you can address any changes as they happen.

Know Your Skin

The most important step in monitoring for any changes is to know what your skin usually looks like. Everybody has their own pattern of skin texture, freckles and spots, so it’s important to have a clear idea of what is normal for you.

If you have recurrent issues with your skin that come and go, you could be having a reaction to a skin product. If you have any issues with sensitivity, consider using a product designed for sensitive skin like

Carroten Sensicare Milk Spray 50+ so you don’t cause any irritation. Keep an eye on your moles and spots, and if you notice any changes it’s a good idea to chat to a medical professional.

Check Your Skin

Keeping an eye on your skin needs to be a regular habit so that you can pick up on changes. In order to get a good view, undress completely and stand in front of a full length mirror in good lighting.

Carefully check each part of your skin. For hard-to-see areas, you might use a hand mirror or enlist the help of a loved one. Don’t forget ‘hidden’ areas, like your scalp, under your nails, the soles of your feet and between your fingers.

If you notice any issues (or just want to keep on top of monitoring any changes) you also might want to get looked at by a doctor specializing in skin checks so you can be confident no serious issues are developing.

Skin Experts

Just because you identify a change in your skin doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a serious skin condition. However, it does mean that you should take steps to get a second opinion from an expert. If you have a regular doctor, that should be a good place to start. However, there are many different skin clinics that specialize in skin checks.

While you can attend any place that makes you feel comfortable, the research seems to indicate that you are not necessarily better off going to a skin clinic over your own doctor, as they don’t seem to automatically offer a higher level of expertise. What is most important is that you get any areas of concern checked promptly. Most skin conditions benefit from prompt treatment, so they can be addressed before they get out of hand.

Protect Your Skin

Skin damage builds up over time, so the unprotected sun exposure you have over your lifetime increases your risk of skin damage. There is some good news – it’s never too late to focus on skin protection and reduce your risk of developing any issues.

Including a high-quality sunscreen like Carroten SPF 50+ as an essential part of your daily routine that will help protect your skin, no matter what your age. Carroten also offer sunscreen products that are highly moisturising, which means you can protect and look after yourself in one step.

Your best tools for keeping yourself safe are prevention, attention and action. Use your Carroten sunscreen to prevent damage, avoid direct sun exposure at peak times of the day by seeking shade, wear protective items such as hats and sunglasses, pay close attention to your skin’s ‘normal’, and take quick action if you do notice any changes. You can enjoy the sunny outdoors and help keep your skin safe just by taking these simple steps.