Carroten Ambassador Lauren Phillip’s Weekend Rituals

Carroten Ambassador Lauren Phillips lives for the weekends – both when she’s out working a dream job as a TV presenter and when she gets to take a break. We asked her about her weekend rituals and where she prefers to soak up the sun with Carroten.

What does your perfect weekend look like?
I work on the Weekend Today Show, so in reality most of my weekends are pretty hectic, with lots of very early starts and lots of travelling. So my perfect weekend looks quite different – when life gets busy I dream of sleeping in with no alarm set, waking up and walking my dogs down to our local coffee shop for a great coffee and a delicious breakfast. That usually turns into a very long walk with my dogs!
I love a long, late lunch with friends, and depending on what time that finishes I might find myself having an early night – or a very late one!

Where do you go to get outdoors?
I love being outdoors, and my dogs love nothing more than coming with me! I take my dogs on long walks around the beautiful local areas such as The Tan, Albert Park Lake, going to Port Melbourne dog beach as a special treat for them or along the Yarra Bend. I try to incorporate plenty of exercise into my routine and I especially love boxing, which my trainer moves outside in good weather (pre-Covid!).

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
After all the issues with Covid-19, I’m hoping that Australia will be open for business again by the summer. At this stage I think I will spend more time exploring our beautiful country instead of jumping on a plane overseas – being indoors gives you such an appreciation for getting outside in the Australian sun. Mornings on the beach, followed by late long lunches in the sun with great friends is my ideal summers day.

Which is your favourite Aussie beach?
We are incredibly lucky to have so many amazing beaches in Australia, it makes it very hard to choose just one! But if I have to narrow it down, Little Cove in Noosa is one of my favourite spots to spend the day, I try to get to Noosa every year – you can go up at almost any time of the year and be practically guaranteed sun up there.

What is your self-care routine?
I have three main places I go to when I need to practice some self-care. One is Esolab in South Melbourne. It’s a little hub of goodness and the place I consider my happy place. It’s where I go for Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Osteopathy. For a skin detox, Liberty Belle in Toorak is my go-to and for totally indulgent massage and to unwind, Crown Towers Spa is my all-time favourite. (Again, can’t wait for all of these to reopen post Covid restrictions!)

And when you’re at home?
One of my most important self-care routines is to look after my skin. My top skincare tip is to use sunscreen on your face every day, and to use an eye cream at night. Drinking lots of water and staying well hydrated helps my skin from the inside out.

When you’re in the sun as much as Lauren Phillips, you need quality suncare you can trust to keep your skin protected. Carroten sunscreens are the perfect protection while catching some weekend sun – make sure you bring some along while you see where your weekend adventures will take you.