Spring Carnival Fever is Here!

Melbourne’s Spring Carnival hosts some of Australia’s leading fashion events, but in the excitement, don’t forget to look after your skin. Carroten offers some tips on how to stay stylish and safe this spring.

Blending modern trendsetting with tradition and elegance, Spring Carnival is the time for the fashion- forward to shine. However, with lots of outdoor events held during the daytime, it’s important that you consider not only how you look, but how to protect your skin.

Start with Sunscreen

Before getting dressed, a layer of sunscreen is absolutely essential. The best time to apply your sunscreen is after having a shower, but before your clothes go on. That gives time for the sunscreen to sink into your skin, which offers the best protection and reduces the chance of any product getting on your clothes.

Choosing a non-greasy, moisturising formula like Carroten Moisturising Suncare Milk SPF50+ for your body will help your skin look soft and smooth. The SPF gives your skin the highest level of protection, helping boost your skins natural protection.

For your face, it’s a good idea to use a specialized sunscreen. Carroten has a range of sunscreens specifically designed for the delicate skin on your face. If you struggle with skin sensitivity, Carroten offers a Sensicare SPF50+ Face Cream. Otherwise using the Carroten Matt Look SPF50+ Face Cream will give you a matt base for your makeup to combat shine.

Dial Up the Protection

Sunscreen gives your skin the best chance of staying protected when you are in the sun, but it’s still not safe to stand for hours with no other protection. Getting some shade, especially during the hottest part of the day, is a must for avoiding a nasty burns.

The first place to look is your outfit. The race’s style guidelines keep things fairly modest, so it’s definitely race-appropriate not to expose too much skin. Finding an outfit with small sleeves can help keep the sun off the tops of your shoulders.

Scout out the location ahead of time to see what kind of shade your venue will offer. You don’t need to spend the whole time under a roof, but don’t forget to give your skin a break throughout the day – once again, especially during the hottest times.

Sun Smart Accessories

You don’t need to compromise on fashion while protecting your skin, but you can make smart choices that improve your look and your skin’s safety.

No race day outfit is complete without some beautiful millinery. Save your fascinator for a late afternoon event, and consider a wide brimmed hat to top off your outfit. Sculptural hats are a fashion-forward option that grab attention and could also be a smarter choice for your skin.

For a more flexible option, consider a light shawl or light cardigan that you can use over your arms and shoulders to keep a little more covered. You might even consider a stylish parasol – they’re a beautiful, artistic option with a vintage feel and will help keep off the sun.

A small clutch purse can also help keep your skin safe by carrying a small bottle of sunscreen for reapplying throughout the day. By using your moisturising Carroten sunscreen throughout the day, your skin will look its best as well as being protected. The Face Cream range comes in a tube that is perfect for a purse, but if you prefer to bring another type it’s simple to decant some into a smaller bottle to bring along.

Staying Sun Smart

Although Spring Carnival is a time for fun, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to your skin. Before heading out to any event, check the weather report. A forecast of rain or wind could make a light jacket or a scarf an especially welcome addition to your wardrobe, and place extra emphasis on the need for sensible shoes.

Another important factor is the UV index for that day, although with the potential for hours in the sun, a high SPF sunscreen is essential regardless. Remember that there is still a chance you can get burned even on a cloudy day, so it’s still important to stay sun safe, even if you can’t exactly see the sun.

Spring Carnival is about keeping it classy while showcasing your style, but nothing ruins a look like sunburn. This season make sure you stand out, have fun, and most of all – protect your skin with Carroten.