Product Spotlight: The Sensicare Sunscreen Range

If you have issues with sensitivity, skin care and sun care can become a lot more complicated. We all know the importance of protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun so we can safely enjoy the sunshine. However, if your sun care products aren’t designed for sensitive skin, using sunscreen can leave you dealing with sore, reactive skin long after the sun has set.


Carroten understands the importance of caring for your skin while protecting it from UV damage. Our products offer more than just protection – we include ingredients that nourish your skin, helping you look and feel your best.


As sun care experts, we create sun care products that contain advanced sun care and cosmetic technology, providing secure protection, while offering deep care to the skin. The Carroten Sensicare range has been developed for people with reactive skin or who just want to offer their skin some extra care. Gently moisturising with extremely high protection, there’s a Sensicare product to suit everyone.


Using the Sensicare Range


Sensicare Suncare should be applied all over the body at least 20 minutes before sun exposure, and reapplied frequently – at least every two hours when swimming, sweating, or vigorously towelling. You’ll still need to be sun-smart while you’re wearing sunscreen, but it offers you one of the most important defences against the long- and short-term damaging effects of the sun, without irritating your skin.


Sensicare Suncare Milk SPF50+


Trying to get thick, harsh products to absorb into your sensitive skin before some time in the sun is difficult and unenjoyable. That’s why Carroten offer their Sensicare sunscreens in a silky, light, milk formula that is rapidly absorbed into your skin, providing the highest levels of broad-spectrum protection and up to four hours water resistance.


Our Sensicare Suncare Milk Formula offer a high concentration of photostable, broad spectrum protection, providing both UVA and UVB filters to help keep your skin safe from damage. It’s enriched with soothing, caring ingredients, and is fragrance-free to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.


Sensicare Suncare Milk Spray SPF50+


For even easier application on the go, Carroten’s Sensicare Milk Spray offers the same powerful protection and extremely high broad-spectrum technology, in a convenient spray bottle to help you reach even the most difficult patches of skin.


The spray bottle helps distribute the sunscreen, while the silky, light texture helps it spread and absorb into your skin, giving you the best coverage and protection. The formula is moisturising and free of many common irritants that can cause sensitivity issues in reactive skin, especially fragrances. Sensicare Suncare Milk Spray provides long-lasting broad-spectrum protection and deep care for your skin.


Sensicare Suncare Face Cream SPF50+


Your face can be one of the most challenging areas when it comes to skin sensitivity. That’s why Carroten created the Sensicare Suncare Face Cream – to nourish and protect sensitive skin on the face while avoiding the products that commonly cause irritation.


Our Face Cream is dermatologically tested, fragrance free, and contains moisturising ingredients to provide long lasting care to delicate skin. Specially designed for the face, the silky texture helps it to be absorbed by your skin, providing deep care and long-lasting results.


Keeping your Skin Safe


Even though our sunscreen offers the highest standard of sun protection, it’s important to remember that no sunscreen alone can offer protection from over-exposure to the sun. You will give your skin the best possible protection by avoiding sun exposure during peak UV times, generally in the middle of the day. You should always combine your frequent sunscreen usage and reapplication with a hat, protective clothing, and sunglasses. However, your Sensicare Sunscreen is still one of the most powerful tools to help you stay safe in the sun.


Offering sunscreen products with the highest SPF rating and gentle formulas that are easy to wear and care for your skin, you can make the most of the sun and summer, even with sensitive skin, with Carroten’s Sensicare sun care range.