Winter Sports Are Heating Up!

While some of us are Summer fans, Winter excites others as it means outdoor sports like AFL are ramping up!

However, Winter weather is not as much fun for your skin. While you are running around a footy, soccer, hockey or rugby field, the cold weather and low humidity levels create dry air, which steals moisture away from your skin every second you are outdoors. And if adventure sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking or skiing and snowboarding are your passion, you can add high UV levels into the mix of conditions your skin has to cope with.

Luckily, Carroten is by your side all year round to give your skin the protection it needs while you enjoy your Winter sport.

The Perils of Winter Sun

Most of us are aware of the need to apply sunscreen in Spring and Summer. However, many of us forget to use a sunscreen when we are outside staying fit and healthy during the Winter. Here are five clear reasons why you need to pack Carroten sunscreen in your sports bag:

1. Up to 80 per cent of our sun’s UV rays have been found to penetrate fog, cloud cover and winter haze.

2. If you are a snow fiend watch out for reflected sunlight. Even though our Winter sun isn’t as hot as it is in Summer doesn’t mean that you won’t burn. Snow reflects up to 80 per cent of all UV radiation. This is higher than the amount bounced back by sand or the water on a beach during summer. Hence, your unprotected skin is being exposed to UV rays from both above and from ground reflection.

3. Winter sunlight still contains harmful UVB rays. These burn the top layers of your skin, contributing to your chances of contracting skin cancer. So, even though the Winter sun isn’t as hot as it is in Summer it doesn’t mean you won’t burn. Skiing and snowboarding can put you at an increased risk of suffering sun damage if you forget to use a sunscreen.

4. UVA “long wave” rays are another harmful light wave. UVA rays remain constant year round and can do more damage than UVB rays. UVA is capable of penetrating through more of your skin’s layers. They also contribute to skin cancer and can trigger premature ageing. UVA rays easily zip through cloud cover and certain clothing types, so your skin is bombarded with UVA radiation, even during Winter months when it is cloudy and overcast.

5. Lower melanin levels in your skin. Weaker Winter sunshine combined with heavy Winter clothing results in many of us producing lower melanin levels during winter. That can result in lower natural protection against the harmful effects of winter UV radiation on your skin.

As we play our Winter sports we also work up a healthy sweat. Unfortunately, this sweating can also contribute to UV-related skin damage as it heightens the photosensitivity of your skin, increasing the risk of sunburn even in winter.

So, it’s just as important to look after your skin in Winter when your sporting life is heating up, as it is in Summer. Follow our simple tips and with Carroten products in your sports bag, you’ll be sure to keep your skin soft and protected against all of the elements through Winter.